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WKF Accredited Coach Briefing, Paris 2018

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WKF Accredited Coach

According to the Coach License Manual, the minimum level required to take
part in the Karate 1 events is the “Accredited Coach” level. To obtain such
certification, coaches must attend a compulsory Coach Briefing. Therefore and in
order to give the opportunity to the WKF Coaches to get this certification, some
Coach Briefings will be held in the following Premier League events 2018:
Karate 1-Premier League, Paris, France
Karate 1-Premier League, Dubai, UAE
WKF Accredited Coach Briefing, Paris 2018
Please find below the Coach schedule and the details for the registration process:
Thursday January 25th
(from 15:00 to 17:00 hrs)
Stadium Pierre de Courbertin
Registration (only online)
Those coaches who wish to attend to the “Accredited Coach Briefing” in Paris must
be registered online and must fill out the “Accreditation Agreement for Coaches” that
can be downloaded from the online registration site.

All registrations for the WKF Accredited Coach Briefing, Paris 2018 must be made
online latest until January 11th, 2017, through the following link:

Fees and payment
We would like to remind you that the fee to attend to the “Coach Briefing” and to
obtain a new license or to renew your expired license of WKF Accredited Coach is
300 CHF.
All payments must be made through Sportdata platform.
No other methods of payment will be accepted.
Registrations and payments onsite will not be accepted.


tammikuu 25